On Listening to Women, and Being a Quiet Man 👤

"Feeling safe would seem to be a pretty basic right in a so-called civilised society" Dog finds stick I’m a writer. An introvert. A naturally quiet guy. Sometimes when I’m in a shop or restaurant I’ll speak so quietly I can’t even hear myself talk; the staff have got no chance. But there are benefits… Continue reading On Listening to Women, and Being a Quiet Man 👤

The Garden ✍🏻 a Writing Exercise

Image courtesy of the author This simple little writing exercise should help get your creative juices flowing, and also engender a sense of calm. Imagine yourself in the perfect garden. Explore and describe this garden through writing. This is your garden. Don’t be constrained by realities. This garden can be anything and anywhere you want… Continue reading The Garden ✍🏻 a Writing Exercise

The Evening Check-in ✍🏻 Reflecting on the Day

A valuable companion to morning pages Image courtesy of the author We rush through life: wake up, check the phone, walk the dog, dash to work, grab a coffee, lunch at the desk, trawl through emails, go home, have a quick dinner, watch a bit of telly, then sleep for a few hours until we… Continue reading The Evening Check-in ✍🏻 Reflecting on the Day

The Writer as Outsider 📄

It's OK to be you As writers, we observe and analyse, document and comment, our own feelings and opinions thinly veiled behind the exploits of allegedly fictional characters. A certain level of detachment is essential if we're to be at all effective in our craft. As writers are typically introverts, this tends to come easily.… Continue reading The Writer as Outsider 📄

A Letter to My Younger Self 📄

But which one? Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash A letter to my younger self. I admit that I thought this would an easy little exercise. But then I sat down to write... To what age me should I address this letter? Which of the many people I've been? On considering the options, a certain song by Frank… Continue reading A Letter to My Younger Self 📄

Working 9 to 5 📄 how Lucy poured herself a cup of ambition

Image by Darius Bashar, via Unsplash Lucy had always wanted to be a writer. She'd had some short stories published, and was trying to make the leap to novels. She worked in retail for several years, but in the late-1990s, as a result of her own writing, she got a job in a catalogue publishing… Continue reading Working 9 to 5 📄 how Lucy poured herself a cup of ambition