Imposter Syndrome 🫣

The first time I encountered the term “imposter syndrome” was when I became a Royal Literary Fund Fellow. As I started in the role, I wondered whether there had been some kind of mistake. Over the decades I’d taught myself to write. This was through a combination of writing a lot, reading a lot, and… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome 🫣

Giving Away Dad’s Sax 🎷

The old man's gone, but the music lives on Photo by Molnár Bálint on Unsplash It's approaching the third anniversary of Mark’s dad's death. And he’s just given away the old man's saxophone. It was the day of their son's graduation. Mark and his wife, Sue, went to the university for the ceremony, accompanied by Mark's mum, Mary.… Continue reading Giving Away Dad’s Sax 🎷