Expressive writing …the reasons why, and the benefits

Read on, or watch the video! With our busy lives, and all the associated stresses and strains, taking the time to sit, examine our thoughts and feelings, and then write about them, can seem like an unjustifiable luxury. It can also feel a bit scary.But writing things down has proven therapeutic benefits. Talking is… Continue reading Expressive writing …the reasons why, and the benefits


Journaling is a hugely beneficial activity that offers an opportunity for reflection, self-expression and personal insight. Here’s my three tips for making the most of your journaling, and a challenge at the end… Click above to see the accompanying video on The Overthinker YouTube channel 1. Write for you Journals are personal things. People… Continue reading Three ways to MAXIMISE YOUR JOURNALING

Writing to Focus the Lens – a TFW Ping 🔔

If it’s not written down it doesn’t exist You may have a manifesto, a plan or a strategy. There may be things you want to do. You might have a great idea for something that could change your life — or other people’s lives. Perhaps you have strong feelings about something. Or someone. Or maybe… Continue reading Writing to Focus the Lens – a TFW Ping 🔔

Working 9 to 5 📄 how Lucy poured herself a cup of ambition

Image by Darius Bashar, via Unsplash Lucy had always wanted to be a writer. She'd had some short stories published, and was trying to make the leap to novels. She worked in retail for several years, but in the late-1990s, as a result of her own writing, she got a job in a catalogue publishing… Continue reading Working 9 to 5 📄 how Lucy poured herself a cup of ambition

TFW Client Stories 📄 the eyes of others

Client A had worked long and hard trying to build a creative career. While she’d seen some success, in recent years things had waned, and she’d spent a lot of time producing work that didn’t sell. Her days were structured around giving a few hours of morning prime time to this creative endeavour, but this… Continue reading TFW Client Stories 📄 the eyes of others