Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Residency

Over March-May I'll be Writer in Residence at Stafford's Gatehouse Theatre. I'll be seeking stories to fictionalise from local people regarding the theatre itself, Stafford and the surrounding area, with the possibility of publication on the Gatehouse website. I'll also be offering one-to-ones to writers seeking guidance, or those who have always fancied writing but … Continue reading Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Residency


Here's an article I wrote for the Royal Literary Fund's Collected showcase, in which they rather generously describe me as a radio dramatist... You can find my other radio-related posts here. I'm a writer, editor, and Royal Literary Fund Fellow. Find out more, tweet me, or email.


I'll be appearing at Birmingham Literature Festival on October 6th, talking about literary entrepreneurship. The panel, called Making Writing Work, will be chaired by Malachi MacIntosh, and also feature Nick Makoha and Crystal Mahey-Morgan. We are in the midst of a literary revolution. Gone are the days when writers followed just one career path, as now we welcome … Continue reading Sightings

Setting Headers and Footers at Compile Stage in Scrivener

It's easy to get your writing out of Scrivener into another editor for the final polish using the Compile function. In my case, I always compile to Microsoft Word. Something I've wrestled with for a while, however, is getting the headers and footers in Word just how I want them. Fortunately, as with most things … Continue reading Setting Headers and Footers at Compile Stage in Scrivener