Selecting multiple files at Compile stage in Scrivener

Here's a handy Scrivener tip if you want to include or exclude specific documents from Compile. SHIFT+click or CTRL+click to select or deselect documents in the right-hand Compile pane, then right-click and check or uncheck Include in Compile, as applicable. Saves a lot of clicking on individual documents, which I was doing up until today! … Continue reading Selecting multiple files at Compile stage in Scrivener

RLF Collected

Following on from my previous post, Progress?, here's my latest piece for the Royal Literary Fund's online magazine, Collected: Typeface: in Praise of Typewriters. You can find my previous Collected-related post here. I'm a writer, Royal Literary Fund Fellow, and Advisory Fellow. Find out more, tweet me, or email.

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Residency

Over March-May I'll be Writer in Residence at Stafford's Gatehouse Theatre. I'll be seeking stories to fictionalise from local people regarding the theatre itself, Stafford and the surrounding area, with the possibility of publication on the Gatehouse website. I'll also be offering one-to-ones to writers seeking guidance, or those who have always fancied writing but … Continue reading Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Residency