Martin Sketchley

Hi. I’m a published novelist and scriptwriter, Royal Literary Fund Fellow and Advisory Fellow, and a writing workshop lead. I also have over 2o years’ experience working on business text destined for blue-chip multinationals, and am the West Midlands’ representative for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.
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Selected articles

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– a few tips for writers
Punctuation Basics – important points explained
The Importance of Quality – “content” = more than SEO
Flamboyant Gestures – signs of middle age
Scrivenings – some Scrivener tips

That was the most real, honest and helpful criticism I’ve ever had.
Business student, Aston University

I really enjoyed the tasks Martin set and meeting other people in the group.
It felt like a safe and supportive environment.
Writing workshop participant

I feel I can do so much more with Scrivener now.
Pascale Presumey, Scrivener workshop participant

[The ending] knocked my socks off, left my jaw gaping…
Norman Spinrad on The Affinity Trap, Asimov’s SF