Martin Sketchley

Hi. I’m a writer and editor with 30 years’ experience across business, fiction, non-fiction, scriptwriting and education. I produce whiteboard animations, explainer videos and promotional content for YouTube and social media. Take a look at the examples below and learn about The Scribing Hand.

“Thanks for the video, Martin! It’s already translated to people booking a place!” Jo Watson, A Disorder for Everyone

If you’d like me to create something for you, get in touch!

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3-minute 16:9 infinite canvas, with pro voiceover by Ian Pringle; words by Sam Baldwin, Head of PR & Marketing at Craft. You can see the 90-second, 9:16 mobile-friendly, social media version here.
Sub-30-second, 16:9 client ad.
16:9 infinite canvas, four minutes. Original script, voiceover and animation.
Mac mini update specs, 2023. 16:9, under one minute