Martin Sketchley

I’m a writer and creative coach, Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow and Advisory Fellow, workshop lead, and editor. I’ve published three novels, numerous short stories, and have over 2o years’ experience working on business text destined for blue-chip multinationals and bodies such as The British Council and World Bank. My first audio drama, ModRocker, is now available from Listening Shelf.

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“Thank you for not only helping me so much but also for believing in me.
I wish I could convey to you just how much that means.”

“I wanted to thank you for your time, assistance and valuable advice.
I can’t thank you enough for the help you provided!”

“That was the most real, honest and helpful feedback I’ve ever had.”

“I really enjoyed the tasks Martin set and meeting other people in the group.
It felt like a safe and supportive environment.”

“You’ve really inspired me to get back on track.
I think I would’ve given up the ghost.”

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