Martin Sketchley

Hi. I’m a published novelist, the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Aston University in the UK, a writing for well-being practitioner, and have over 2o years’ experience working on business text destined for blue-chip multinationals and organisations such as The British Council and World Bank. I am also the West Midlands’ representative for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

Whether you’re looking to gain an advantage over your competitors, acquire a unique voice, learn how to communicate effectively to save both time and money, or seek a guest speaker or tutor, I can help.

Writing: bespoke, creative, in a tone of voice unique to you
Writing for Well-being workshops on writing for good mental health
Mentoring on creative, business and academic writing
Editing to increase readability and address redundancy
Consultancy on effective written communications
Analysis of research into concise reports
Localisation into strong British English
Script and speech writing

Get in touch to discuss a project, or tweet me.

Selected Articles from the Blog

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Reviews and Feedback

[That was] the most real, honest and helpful criticism I’ve ever had.
Business student, Aston University

I feel I can do so much more with Scrivener now.
Pascale Presumey, workshop participant

[The ending] knocked my socks off, left my jaw gaping…
Norman Spinrad on The Affinity Trap, Asimov’s SF