24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥

Downsizing, migration, the bezels and the chin! Migration under way! I recently ordered a new 24-inch M1 iMac to replace my 27-inch unit. This is how I’ve found the new, smaller machine after a couple of weeks’ use. My greatest concern before ordering the 24-inch iMac was the screen size. I’d used a 27-inch model… Continue reading 24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥

Productivity Powerhouse Desk! ⚡️

The Day I Decluttered A thoroughly decluttered desk, captured by Samantha Gades on Unsplash A while ago, while consulting one of those websites that has all the answers about productivity, life, the universe and everything, the internet gave me the following advice: If you’ve got a pile of clutter on your desk, put it in a box and… Continue reading Productivity Powerhouse Desk! ⚡️

TFW Client Stories 📄 the eyes of others

Client A had worked long and hard trying to build a creative career. While she’d seen some success, in recent years things had waned, and she’d spent a lot of time producing work that didn’t sell. Her days were structured around giving a few hours of morning prime time to this creative endeavour, but this… Continue reading TFW Client Stories 📄 the eyes of others