SKETCH NOTES! How to and why

An aid to learning, creativity & mindfulness! READ ON OR WATCH THE VIDEO! So what are sketch notes? Well, for me they’re a learning tool. They’re also an opportunity for mindfulness and some peace and time to get away from the technology. I don’t know about you, but I can find the technology a bit … Continue reading SKETCH NOTES! How to and why


Notes from the unconscious – and what to do about them… Read on, or watch the video! In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron says it’s okay for morning pages to be repetitive and self-indulgent. I’ve noticed that I do tend to write the same things down over and over again. Things are going … Continue reading The SECRETS of MORNING PAGES!

How to take a DIGITAL DETOX – my 3 tips! 😌

With all our digital devices and constant connectivity, we’re inundated with information every day: email, messages, meetings on Zoom or Teams, social media notifications and scary news about the end of the world. We haven’t evolved to deal with this amount of information. And that’s why taking a break from it all is increasingly popular. … Continue reading How to take a DIGITAL DETOX – my 3 tips! 😌

Writing Tips – PROOFREADING!

Proofreading is one of the most underestimated aspects of the writing process; it’s also one of the most difficult, and one of the most important. It’s the final polish to make sure our work is error-free, professional, and ready for submission. 🤓 Read the full article here. Or watch the video!

Writing Tips: EDITING!

Now we’ve got a first draft, it needs knocking into shape. Read the full article… or watch the video!

Writing Tips – THE FIRST DRAFT!

Writing a first draft can be daunting. It’s always a challenge, even for seasoned professionals. Here are three tips to make the process easier. Read the full article, or watch the video!


Journaling is a hugely beneficial activity that offers an opportunity for reflection, self-expression and personal insight. Here’s my three tips for making the most of your journaling, and a challenge at the end… 1. Write for you Journals are personal things. People often write as if someone is looking over their shoulder. They worry, consciously … Continue reading Three ways to MAXIMISE YOUR JOURNALING

The Garden ✍🏻 a Writing Exercise

This simple little writing exercise should help get your creative juices flowing, and also engender a sense of calm. Imagine yourself in the perfect garden. Explore and describe this garden through writing. This is your garden. Don’t be constrained by realities. This garden can be anything and anywhere you want it to be: countryside, urban, … Continue reading The Garden ✍🏻 a Writing Exercise