24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥

Downsizing, migration, the bezels and the chin! Migration under way! I recently ordered a new 24-inch M1 iMac to replace my 27-inch unit. This is how I’ve found the new, smaller machine after a couple of weeks’ use. My greatest concern before ordering the 24-inch iMac was the screen size. I’d used a 27-inch model… Continue reading 24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥

The Archive, iA Writer and Zettelkasten 🇩🇪

The final link in my note-taking chain In a recent article I compared iA Writer (iA) with Ulysses. It was a fair comparison, given that plain text is at the heart of both apps. I came out in strongly favour of Ulysses, but since then I’ve found a use for iA that’s perfect for me.… Continue reading The Archive, iA Writer and Zettelkasten 🇩🇪

Strategies to Let Your Fiction Fly 🦅

Taking a hands-off approach to unruly writing When I was commissioned to write a story for the forthcoming Burning Brightly anthology, I knew what this would be from the get-go: a sequel to a well-received story published in 2010. But despite knowing what I wanted to do, this was a very difficult journey. The reason?… Continue reading Strategies to Let Your Fiction Fly 🦅

Bloodbirds 🦅 to Appear in Burning Brightly Anthology!

My latest short story, Bloodbirds, will appear in the Burning Brightly anthology from NewCon Press, which is now available to order. Bloodbirds is a sequel to my 2010 short story, Songbirds. I'm beyond thrilled to see my name appearing in a book along with so many authors I've admired for so long. See the full… Continue reading Bloodbirds 🦅 to Appear in Burning Brightly Anthology!

ModRocker Audio Drama! 📻

Listening Shelf has just released the audio version of my short play ModRocker! Below is a photo of Ian recording one of the scenes... I'd pretty much given up on getting something made, but I could not be more proud of this. ModRocker was written for a charity theatre night in aid of Macmillan Cancer… Continue reading ModRocker Audio Drama! 📻

Flick Knightley 💘 The (mostly) True Story of a Youth with a Crush

Absolutely the worst kind of snow, photographed by Shane Rounce on Unsplash I paced in the snow. The worst kind of snow. Snow that clings with miserable determination. Grey, gritty, gutter-filling slush. Street lights glared above me. People hurried home to warmth and tea and evening TV. I rehearsed the words. I would say them with cool confidence… Continue reading Flick Knightley 💘 The (mostly) True Story of a Youth with a Crush