The Garden ✍🏻 a Writing Exercise

Image courtesy of the author This simple little writing exercise should help get your creative juices flowing, and also engender a sense of calm. Imagine yourself in the perfect garden. Explore and describe this garden through writing. This is your garden. Don’t be constrained by realities. This garden can be anything and anywhere you want… Continue reading The Garden ✍🏻 a Writing Exercise

Morning Pages ✍🏻

In a previous post, I mentioned morning pages; if you’re not familiar with the idea, this is what it’s all about. The term “morning pages” comes from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. This is an inspirational book for anyone interested in exploring creativity, or who feels their creative impulse is floundering. I was first… Continue reading Morning Pages ✍🏻

The Benefits of Writing by Hand 📄

Clarify your thoughts, write a great first draft Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Computers, phones and other gadgets are essential to everyday life. With their convenience and speed, we use them to communicate daily. But for reflective, exploratory writing, writing that's just for you, I'm a firm believer that writing by hand is much more effective than… Continue reading The Benefits of Writing by Hand 📄

TFW Client Stories 📄 the eyes of others

Client A had worked long and hard trying to build a creative career. While she’d seen some success, in recent years things had waned, and she’d spent a lot of time producing work that didn’t sell. Her days were structured around giving a few hours of morning prime time to this creative endeavour, but this… Continue reading TFW Client Stories 📄 the eyes of others

Do you remember a guy that’s been?

I have an obsession with time and dates. It’s reflected in everything I write. If when watching telly I see a clock in the background, or can make out the face of someone’s watch, I’ll note the time. If the programme’s old I’ll check out the “first aired” date, then try to work out where… Continue reading Do you remember a guy that’s been?