The Benefits of a Weekly Plan 📆

Take control and gain insights into your habits I’ve recently started planning out my week ahead on a Sunday afternoon, and I’ve seen significant improvements in my productivity as a result. I feel in control, and can see progress on my journey towards greater independence as a creative professional. My ideas and projects were all… Continue reading The Benefits of a Weekly Plan 📆

TaskPaper – A Versatile, Flexible, Productivity App 📃

From weekly planning to project management, TaskPaper does the lot TaskPaper icon via I’ve struggled to find a productivity, task manager, todo list app, or whatever you want to call it, that’s right for me. I’ve tried Things (twice) and found it frustrating; OmniFocus is all bells and whistles and too expensive; Apple Notes… Continue reading TaskPaper – A Versatile, Flexible, Productivity App 📃

Ulysses Quick Tip ⚡️

A useful pre-publish check We know Ulysses is a great tool for writing blog posts whatever platform they’re destined for, but the app makes publishing to Medium and WordPress particularly easy: just click the share button and select publish. Kinda makes sense when you think about it. The publishing function opens a new pane containing… Continue reading Ulysses Quick Tip ⚡️

Awareness, Routine and Truth – A Creative Process Developed Over Three Decades ✍️

This is my thing, but aspects of it might work for you, too. Dawn. Image courtesy of the author. This is the routine I’ve developed over the course of 30 years writing as an adult. I'd say it suits me, but perhaps it would be more accurate to suggest it’s the inevitable result of who… Continue reading Awareness, Routine and Truth – A Creative Process Developed Over Three Decades ✍️

iA Writer – Plain Text, Pure and Simple

Icon screenshot courtesy of the author I've mentioned iA Writer in several previous posts, which indicated the app deserves coverage of its own. Here’s my experience with Writer from Information Architects, and how I use it now. I've owned a copy of Writer since its first lunch in 2010. I was immediately attracted by its… Continue reading iA Writer – Plain Text, Pure and Simple

24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥

Downsizing, migration, the bezels and the chin! Migration under way! I recently ordered a new 24-inch M1 iMac to replace my 27-inch unit. This is how I’ve found the new, smaller machine after a couple of weeks’ use. My greatest concern before ordering the 24-inch iMac was the screen size. I’d used a 27-inch model… Continue reading 24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥

The Archive, iA Writer and Zettelkasten 🇩🇪

The final link in my note-taking chain In a recent article I compared iA Writer (iA) with Ulysses. It was a fair comparison, given that plain text is at the heart of both apps. I came out in strongly favour of Ulysses, but since then I’ve found a use for iA that’s perfect for me.… Continue reading The Archive, iA Writer and Zettelkasten 🇩🇪

Strategies to Let Your Fiction Fly 🦅

Taking a hands-off approach to unruly writing When I was commissioned to write a story for the forthcoming Burning Brightly anthology, I knew what this would be from the get-go: a sequel to a well-received story published in 2010. But despite knowing what I wanted to do, this was a very difficult journey. The reason?… Continue reading Strategies to Let Your Fiction Fly 🦅