Writing to Focus the Lens – a TFW Ping 🔔

If it’s not written down it doesn’t exist

You may have a manifesto, a plan or a strategy. There may be things you want to do. You might have a great idea for something that could change your life — or other people’s lives. Perhaps you have strong feelings about something. Or someone. Or maybe your thoughts and feelings are blurred and need clarifying.

Putting your intentions, thoughts or feelings into the written word makes them real. They become physical, marks on paper. This can be rewarding, satisfying, cathartic. But the act of writing can also show the weaknesses, the gaps, the points at which your thinking is unsound.

This might be scary, but it’s likely to bring things into sharp focus. And that focus can reveal options, direction, a course of action – and a route towards positive change.

To make it real, write it down.

Because if it’s not written down it doesn’t exist.

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