Scrivener tip – an alternative to Compose mode

Scrivener has the excellent Compose mode, which I use a lot. The thing is, though, I tend to flit between documents in the Binder quite a lot too – comparing, cutting and pasting, that sort of thing. This means I’m frequently switching in and out of Compose. But I’ve found a handy alternative. To get … Continue reading Scrivener tip – an alternative to Compose mode

Scrivener tip (Mac) – switching text modes

If you’re in scriptwriting mode in Scrivener and want to add some text that isn’t part of the script – perhaps some notes or thoughts about the direction the story could take – you might want to switch from scriptwriting to standard mode, so that whatever you type isn’t formatted as dialogue or technical directions, … Continue reading Scrivener tip (Mac) – switching text modes

Scrivener tip (Mac) – Project & Document Notes

Update, 15/1/18: Please note that in Scrivener 3 Project Notes have been moved to a folder in the Binder; Document Notes remain in the Inspector. In a project of any length you’ll probably need to make notes along the way: things to look up or consider, little reminders, thoughts etc. Scrivener provides two ways to … Continue reading Scrivener tip (Mac) – Project & Document Notes