Craft – Boy, was I Wrong! 🇪🇺

Sorry, TaskPaper, it’s not you, it’s me… 👋 I recently wrote a comparison of Craft and Notion. I didn’t really like either. I didn’t really get it. I moaned about Things. I sang the praises of plain text and TaskPaper. I clutched my notebooks firmly to my chest. My problem, dear reader, was that I … Continue reading Craft – Boy, was I Wrong! 🇪🇺

Breaking the Male Silence 👤

Men don’t talk. We don’t “open up”. We find it difficult to show our feelings. We won’t ask for directions – and with satnavs and smartphones, these days we don’t have to. These may be clichés, but clichés are rooted in fact. When I used go to collect our kids from primary school, I noticed … Continue reading Breaking the Male Silence 👤

Scrivener Tip – progress at a glance

Scrivener’s Project Targets tool is great for keeping an eye on word count, especially if you’re writing something to a prescribed length. On a Mac, to set your targets and check progress call up the Project Targets window using SHFT+CMD+T. However, you can also get an idea of your progress as you write with a … Continue reading Scrivener Tip – progress at a glance

Scrivener tip: Lickety-Split

To quickly split the screen without leaving the keyboard simply hit: SHIFT+CMD+” This makes it particularly easy to compare two Binder documents, or refer to one pane – say something you have in your Research folder – while writing in another. When working with text documents the zoom can be set independently in each. For … Continue reading Scrivener tip: Lickety-Split

Scissors & Glue – top tips for writers

Over the years I’ve been given some great advice on writing by people I’ve met, and I thought I’d share a few examples in case they might help you along the way too. 1: Easing off received from David Garnett, writer and editor I met Dave at the first SF convention I attended in 1997. … Continue reading Scissors & Glue – top tips for writers

Digital Content Strategies – Empathy and Storytelling

This is a follow-up to my previous post regarding the importance of quality, and that SEO is not necessarily the sole contributor to attracting visitors to your site, and particularly retaining them. A key strategy is to stimulate a positive reaction through entertaining, engaging front-end material which encourages custom, revisits and personal recommendations. Informing, entertaining … Continue reading Digital Content Strategies – Empathy and Storytelling