Digital Content Strategies – the importance of quality

Search engine optimisation of your content is the answer to everything. If you can nail the SEO you’ll be at the top of the rankings and success will follow. Well, kinda. Effective SEO is only half the story. The real key to success is customer retention. To achieve this articles need to engage readers emotionally.… Continue reading Digital Content Strategies – the importance of quality

Scrivener tip – compare & roll back snapshots (Mac)

A particularly useful feature in Scrivener is the snapshots function. Before making changes to a document press CMD-5 and – you guessed it – the program will take a snapshot of that file, making an appropriate camera shutter sound in the process. If desired you can name your snapshots to remind you why they were… Continue reading Scrivener tip – compare & roll back snapshots (Mac)

Scrivener tip (Mac) – switching text modes

If you’re in scriptwriting mode in Scrivener and want to add some text that isn’t part of the script – perhaps some notes or thoughts about the direction the story could take – you might want to switch from scriptwriting to standard mode, so that whatever you type isn’t formatted as dialogue or technical directions,… Continue reading Scrivener tip (Mac) – switching text modes

Mechanical Heat – friction in workflows

There’s a lot of advice on the internet about how to achieve a “frictionless workflow”, the seamless passage of ideas and text along a productivity chain that increases speed, maximises output and enables you to do more, quicker. I’d argue, however, that a little bit of friction is a good thing, and that speed is… Continue reading Mechanical Heat – friction in workflows

Room 204

My time on Writing West Midlands’ writer development programme The short story Saturday 9th April saw the final official gathering of the 2015/2016 cohort on Writing West Midlands’ Room 204 writer development programme. Having been fortunate enough to take part this year I thought I’d share my experience. The short version is this: as a… Continue reading Room 204

FX: a blog in which I enthuse about BBC radio drama

I’ve been a fan of the BBC’s radio drama for a long time, but my enthusiasm has grown hugely in recent years. The output is diverse, and its quality outstanding. At the time of writing Radio 4 is broadcasting Dangerous Visions – a series of adaptations of classic science fiction works, including Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man from Brian… Continue reading FX: a blog in which I enthuse about BBC radio drama

Iain (M) Banks – A Gift to the Culture

I was shocked and saddened to read of Iain Banks’ ill health when the news was made public recently. It was Banks’ Culture novels that set me writing SF as an adult. Although I’d had an interest in SF throughout my life, in the early nineties I was writing and reading lightweight mainstream stuff. This… Continue reading Iain (M) Banks – A Gift to the Culture