Freeing creators and consumers from traditional constraints It’s all in the name 👨‍🎨 Craft is a relatively recent arrival at the Apple software party, and it’s caused a bit of a stir. It’s bloody gorgeous, dressed to the nines, and has a growing number admirers. Craft plays in a fashionable space. Note-taking, wikilinks, backlinks, collaboration… … Continue reading Craft

iPad Air highlights MacBook’s faults 👎 💻

“Thousand dollar computers aren’t things most people can afford to buy that often” In 2019 I bought a MacBook Air. I was quite excited. It was new and shiny and all dressed up in a pretty rose gold colour and everything. But it’s been a real disappointment – and a new iPad has highlighted its … Continue reading iPad Air highlights MacBook’s faults 👎 💻

Craft – Boy, was I Wrong! 🇪🇺

Sorry, TaskPaper, it’s not you, it’s me… 👋 I recently wrote a comparison of Craft and Notion. I didn’t really like either. I didn’t really get it. I moaned about Things. I sang the praises of plain text and TaskPaper. I clutched my notebooks firmly to my chest. My problem, dear reader, was that I … Continue reading Craft – Boy, was I Wrong! 🇪🇺

Craft and Notion 🤔

Reinventing the wheel? I first became aware of Notion because I watch a lot of productivity, creativity and various other tivity videos on YouTube. Several people spoke very highly of this application. They could not run their businesses or, indeed, their lives without it. Blimey, I thought, that must be some app. Then I saw … Continue reading Craft and Notion 🤔

24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥

Downsizing, migration, the bezels and the chin! I recently ordered a new 24-inch M1 iMac to replace my 27-inch unit. This is how I’ve found the new, smaller machine after a couple of weeks’ use. My greatest concern before ordering the 24-inch iMac was the screen size. I’d used a 27-inch model for a long … Continue reading 24-inch iMac – Two-week Review 🖥