One email, five words, multiple issues

I received this in a "professional" email from someone who doesn't know me:  Good morning, Hope your well? Problems? Tone: the salutation is simultaneously brusque and overfamiliar.Punctuation: the salutation ends in a comma: in this context, the comma should precede my name, which should then end in a full stop - but my name isn't there.… Continue reading One email, five words, multiple issues

Digital Content Strategies – Empathy and Storytelling

This is a follow-up to my previous post regarding the importance of quality, and that SEO is not necessarily the sole contributor to attracting visitors to your site, and particularly retaining them. A key strategy is to stimulate a positive reaction through entertaining, engaging front-end material which encourages custom, revisits and personal recommendations. Informing, entertaining… Continue reading Digital Content Strategies – Empathy and Storytelling

Digital Content Strategies – the importance of quality

Search engine optimisation of your content is the answer to everything. If you can nail the SEO you’ll be at the top of the rankings and success will follow. Well, kinda. Effective SEO is only half the story. The real key to success is customer retention. To achieve this articles need to engage readers emotionally.… Continue reading Digital Content Strategies – the importance of quality