Ulysses Quick Tip ⚡️

A useful pre-publish check We know Ulysses is a great tool for writing blog posts whatever platform they’re destined for, but the app makes publishing to Medium and WordPress particularly easy: just click the share button and select publish. Kinda makes sense when you think about it. The publishing function opens a new pane containing… Continue reading Ulysses Quick Tip ⚡️

Awareness, Routine and Truth – A Creative Process Developed Over Three Decades ✍️

This is my thing, but aspects of it might work for you, too. Dawn. Image courtesy of the author. This is the routine I’ve developed over the course of 30 years writing as an adult. I'd say it suits me, but perhaps it would be more accurate to suggest it’s the inevitable result of who… Continue reading Awareness, Routine and Truth – A Creative Process Developed Over Three Decades ✍️

iA Writer – Plain Text, Pure and Simple

Icon screenshot courtesy of the author I've mentioned iA Writer in several previous posts, which indicated the app deserves coverage of its own. Here’s my experience with Writer from Information Architects, and how I use it now. I've owned a copy of Writer since its first lunch in 2010. I was immediately attracted by its… Continue reading iA Writer – Plain Text, Pure and Simple

No More Heroes Anthology – Contributor Copies 😃

Last weekend I received my contributor's copies of the No More Heroes anthology from NewCon Press. The book is a collection of stories based on the lives of rock and pop artists who died young. I'm really proud to have a story in this book. It’s a fine-looking volume, edited by Ian Whates. My story,… Continue reading No More Heroes Anthology – Contributor Copies 😃

Craft and Notion 🤔

Reinventing the wheel? Screenshot courtesy of the author; Craft and Notion icons via craft.do and notion.so I first became aware of Notion because I watch a lot of productivity, creativity and various other tivity videos on YouTube. Several people spoke very highly of this application. They could not run their businesses or, indeed, their lives… Continue reading Craft and Notion 🤔

Realistic Tips for Writers

No one ever said it was gonna be easy... Here are five important tips that could help you achieve success with your writing. They're not necessarily easy, but you're not writing because it's easy, right? Right. If you're really serious about honing your craft, read on... Words, not numbers Quality is important. Don’t let the… Continue reading Realistic Tips for Writers