Less, but better – a TFW ping 🔔

There’s so much I want to do. I need to focus on fewer things. Do less but better. I want quality but I need to work quickly. Maybe I need to be less fussy. Maybe I need more discipline. My problem is I have too many creative ideas and don’t know how to prioritise them… Continue reading Less, but better – a TFW ping 🔔

iPad Air highlights MacBook’s faults 👎 💻

"Thousand dollar computers aren’t things most people can afford to buy that often" My MacBook Air. It's pretty, but I hate the bloody thing. In 2019 I bought a MacBook Air. I was quite excited. It was new and shiny and all dressed up in a pretty rose gold colour and everything. But it's been… Continue reading iPad Air highlights MacBook’s faults 👎 💻

Craft – Boy, was I Wrong! 🇪🇺

Sorry, TaskPaper, it's not you, it's me... 👋 I recently wrote a comparison of Craft and Notion. I didn’t really like either. I didn’t really get it. I moaned about Things. I sang the praises of plain text and TaskPaper. I clutched my notebooks firmly to my chest. My problem, dear reader, was that I… Continue reading Craft – Boy, was I Wrong! 🇪🇺

In Praise of Scrivener 👏

I was recently seduced by Ulysses, but still have the hots for this old flame I've used Scrivener since version 1.0. I've written anything and everything in it: novels, short stories, audio scripts and screenplays, stage plays, blog posts – whatever. In a recent post, I sang from the rooftops about Ulysses, which has replaced… Continue reading In Praise of Scrivener 👏

New TFW YouTube Channel! 📺

I'm delighted to say the first Think. Feel. Write. YouTube video is now live! It's called The Garden, and is a great little creative writing exercise, with all kinds of mindfulness and well-being benefits. It's designed to get you thinking, stimulate creativity and help engender feelings of calm and tranquility. Future videos will focus on… Continue reading New TFW YouTube Channel! 📺

On Listening to Women, and Being a Quiet Man 👤

"Feeling safe would seem to be a pretty basic right in a so-called civilised society" Dog finds stick I’m a writer. An introvert. A naturally quiet guy. Sometimes when I’m in a shop or restaurant I’ll speak so quietly I can’t even hear myself talk; the staff have got no chance. But there are benefits… Continue reading On Listening to Women, and Being a Quiet Man 👤