The Benefits of Writing by Hand

Clarify your thoughts, write a great first draft Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Computers, phones and other gadgets are essential to everyday life. With their convenience and speed, we use them to communicate daily. But for reflective, exploratory writing, writing that's just for you, I'm a firm believer that writing by hand is much more effective than… Continue reading The Benefits of Writing by Hand

How Julie’s Subconscious Memo Helped Reduce Her Stress

When Julie was writing in her notebook recently, a nine-word observation by her subconscious appeared on the page. As a result, she made a simple change that has reduced her everyday stress. Each evening, Julie prepares four sides of paper in her notebook. Three are for her morning pages – the stream-of-consciousness brain dump long… Continue reading How Julie’s Subconscious Memo Helped Reduce Her Stress

Working 9 to 5 – how Lucy poured herself a cup of ambition

Image by Darius Bashar, via Unsplash Lucy had always wanted to be a writer. She'd had some short stories published, and was trying to make the leap to novels. She worked in retail for several years, but in the late-1990s, as a result of her own writing, she got a job in a catalogue publishing… Continue reading Working 9 to 5 – how Lucy poured herself a cup of ambition

TFW Client Stories – the eyes of others

Client A had worked long and hard trying to build a creative career. While she’d seen some success, in recent years things had waned, and she’d spent a lot of time producing work that didn’t sell. Her days were structured around giving a few hours of morning prime time to this creative endeavour, but this… Continue reading TFW Client Stories – the eyes of others

Bunnyman, by Will Sergeant

I've read a lot of books by and about musical artistes, but this is probably the best. Will Sergeant is the most innovative and influential guitarist of the modern era. The simplicity and sensitivity of his style, coupled with tasteful use of effects, put him head and shoulders above his contemporaries and those who followed.… Continue reading Bunnyman, by Will Sergeant

Time, by Jimmy McGovern

Contains a spoiler. Simplicity of narrative, complexity of character, that's my mantra.Jimmy McGovern When I heard McGovern say that in an interview some years ago I wrote it down. I've long admired his writing, and when I saw the trailer for Time on BBC 1 I knew it was a must-see. The performances were stunning:… Continue reading Time, by Jimmy McGovern