About Me

meI’m a writer with 2o years’ experience in business copy and insights into global consumer trends. I have worked on material destined for blue chip multinationals, and bodies such as The World Bank and The British Council. I am also a published novelist and scriptwriter. My 2010 short story Songbirds, which appeared in the Conflicts anthology from Newcon Press, was nominated for a BSFA Award.

I grew up in Tamworth, an average market town in the English county of Staffordshire – home to Sir Robert Peel, founder of the police force, and a castle that was once home to the King of Mercia. I’m a chocolate labrador walker. A chocolate consumer. A frustrated cyclist (it’s the hills, y’see). I’m a former guitarist with Emma Gibbs Loves Badges, The Lip Servants and Pony Chair Black. Some say I can look a bit serious, but that’s just my face; inside I’m all butterflies and chirruping birdies! Speaking of which, feel free to tweet me.