Public Lending Right

Around 12 months ago I registered my Structure novels for PLR (Public Lending Right – the royalty writers receive as a result of their work being borrowed from libraries). Since then I’ve earned £6.97. I can’t help but wish I’d done this in 2004 when The Affinity Trap was first published, and then for the subsequent books, instead of registering them 10 years later. Naively, I thought someone would do this for me – someone at the publisher, or my agent at the time perhaps. In retrospect I should have known better.

This is one of those little things no one tells you but which can make a difference. So if you’re a writer with books in libraries, register them for PLR. Do it now. It only takes a few minutes.

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ADDENDUM: Apparently registering with ALCS is a good idea, too. I hadn’t even heard of this one!

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