Setting Headers and Footers at Compile Stage in Scrivener

It’s easy to get your writing out of Scrivener into another editor for the final polish using the Compile function. In my case, I always compile to Microsoft Word. Something I’ve wrestled with for a while, however, is getting the headers and footers in Word just how I want them. Fortunately, as with most things Scrivener, the developers have made this easy to do at the Compile stage.

  • When you’re ready, go File/Compile.
  • In Section Layouts, rest the cursor over Scene (or whichever), and an edit icon appears to the right.

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 17.54.25

  • Click this icon, then the Edit “Scene” Layout button. The pane below will appear.

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 17.55.07

  • Now click Page Settings, and select Header and Footer text.

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 17.55.51

  • The three boxes indicate the positioning of the headers and footers on the page post-Compile. Insert your header/footer text here. Set font and size in the relevant boxes, but format this text using markdown tags in the header and footer panes.

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 18.03.23

Use the handy Test button to try out your settings before actually compiling.

I hope this helps.


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