My standout gigs

I’ve been to some great gigs in my time. Here are five of my favourites, in no particular order.

Suede, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 1 November 1994
I was into Suede from the first moment I heard their music, and really loved the angst in the guitar sound. This was one of the first gigs at which Richard Oakes replaced Bernard Butler, and they rocked. The night is covered in this post.

Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends, Birmingham Glee Club, 16 February 2016
I didn’t really want to go to be honest, but my wife did, having seen them on Later… and they were ace. Maybe it was something in the Birmingham audience, but there was a real buzz in the air and energy in the music. As Furman commented: “We do play quiet songs. But that’s not the mood of the room, I can tell.” The support band, The Big Moon, was later shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize, but looked scared to death throughout their set on this particular night.

Fetch Eddie, Goldwyns, 16 May 1990
The best band in Birmingham to never make it, playing funk pop with a bit of indie, and lyrics sometimes a little too close to home. On this night, which turned out to be their last ever gig, the band integrated The Cure’s A Forest into their classic Too Much to Ask For, and wowed everyone. I married one of them. The good looking one. She still does that shake and sing thing.

Alt-J, Nottingham, 8 December 2015
Our daughter introduced us to this band and was desperate to see them, so we took the drive up to Nottingham on a cold and dark December night. I had no idea what to expect but they were brilliantly inventive, and made the kind of music I’d want to play myself. Support band The Horrors, sadly, lived up to their name.

PJ Harvey & John Parish, Birmingham Town Hall, 23 April 2009
Harvey’s powerful songs and masterful use of some vocal effects doodad that added layers of complexity to already incredible vocals were underpinned by a fine rhythm section and fruity Fender Jazzmaster guitars that bathed the audience in a sound like vintage merlot. The juxtaposition of the music’s heritage against the classical backdrop of this entirely seated venue made for a memorable evening. When they played Pig Will Not, the woman sat next to me went absolutely mental.

What are your standout gigs? Post in the comments.

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Ezra Furman (Source:



1 thought on “My standout gigs

  1. Phil O'Connor

    That is some list – for me….
    Bauhaus – Birmingham Odeon – just awesome, dark with tons of echooooooooo
    Undertones – Same venue – pop the night away, hit after hit after hit
    Blondie – Barbarella’s – still love her – but the band were as tight as the shirt over my tummy !
    Bow Wow Wow – Tower Ballroom – Monday night madness – and I just loved the little Indian Squaw dancers
    Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Barbarella’s – that voice and for a four piece – they killed it
    Kraftwerk – Odeon – …………12110011212100101- that’s binary talk !

    Ah I could go on and on and on – but I also had the great joy and honour to see Fetch Eddie in Birmingham, I think it was called West End Bar – but anyway, that girl vocalist was just the best of all of the above !!

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