I’ll be appearing at Birmingham Literature Festival on October 6th, talking about literary entrepreneurship. The panel, called Making Writing Work, will be chaired by Malachi MacIntosh, and also feature Nick Makoha and Crystal Mahey-Morgan.

We are in the midst of a literary revolution. Gone are the days when writers followed just one career path, as now we welcome the rise of the literary entrepreneur. As the boundaries of literature and literary culture become even more blurred, writers are disrupting their once traditional career paths and extending and intertwining their writing to include other artforms, environments, platforms and formats.

By harnessing creative thinking to generate more value and opportunities, is literary entrepreneurship the key to living a more fulfilled and successful life as a writer?

Our panel – poet Nick Makoha, publicist Crystal Mahey-Morgan and writer Martin Sketchley – will share their own experiences of writing and approaches to publishing, and discuss what it means to be a literary entrepreneur.

Then I’ll be at the Royal Television Society Careers Fair on October 7th, representing The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

Join us on Monday 7th October to get all the latest tips, tricks and practical advice to help you land that all important first job in TV.

Alongside panel sessions with production teams and talent from the biggest shows and brands, will be bootcamps, CV advice, the opportunity to learn about the different jobs and training schemes that are available and to network with some of the most influential creatives in the business.

It’s UNMISSABLE if you have ever thought about working in telly.

I’m a writer, editor, and Royal Literary Fund Fellow.
Find out more, tweet me, or email.

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