Scrivener tip – Links in the chain

Sometimes when working in a large Scrivener project you might find it useful to link related documents. For example, in the novel I’m currently revising I need to move a detail from a scene that I’ve cut to either one of two other scenes. I don’t want to think about this in too much depth at the moment as I’m writing a new scene, but I would like something to remind me of my train of thought and the options that are open to me when I do come to deal with it.

The best way to do this is to create a hyperlink to the document/s in question. As ever, Scrivener makes this very easy to do:

  • Select some relevant text in the current document
  • Right-click
  • Select “Scrivener Link” (or in Scrivener 3 Link to document)
  • Choose the document you want to link to from the menus

This makes the selected text a hyperlink to the document you’ve specified, which when clicked will open up in a new window. The text in this window can be edited just like any other. To remove the link, just hover your cursor over the hyperlink text, right-click and select “Remove Link”.

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