Scrivener tip – Icon see clearly…

If your Scrivener project contains a lot of documents, you might want to work on just a few of them, but also refer to others. For example, in the novel I’m currently working on there are two main timelines with concurrent events, and I need to make sure that details match up. Fortunately Scrivener makes it easy to keep tabs on the documents you want to focus on no matter how much you hop around in the Binder.

Here’s how:

  • In the Binder select the document/s you want to highlight
  • Right-click
  • Select “Change Icon”
  • Choose an icon to attract your attention (I usually use Warning, or one of the coloured flags)
  • Bingo, the documents are now adorned with eye-catching icons to help them stand out from the crowd in the Binder

When you no longer want to focus on these documents simply follow the same procedure but select “Reset Icon to Default”.

Job done.

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