Mart’s Radio Drama Digest – 27 January 2016

Some recent BBC drama or podcast output that’s really caught my attention, and which is available on iPlayer at the time of writing. Remember, this is just a small sample of the huge variety on offer.

A History of Paper
by Oliver Emanuel, directed by Kirsty Williams

A beautifully written and performed play with just two cast members that will gently draw you into a comforting embrace before pulling out your heart. A keeper.

Mountain of Light
by Simon Bovey, directed by Marc Beeby

Really enjoyable 19th Century heist drama with a plot to steal the Koh-i-Noor from The Great Exhibition in 1851. High quality stuff with great acting.

Jebbediah doesn’t like it in this elephant

How to Conduct a Rishta Meeting
by Nafisa Muhtadi, read by Sohm Kapila, produced by Jeremy Osborne

A great short written in a dynamic contemporary style that reflects the juxtaposition of modern life against the cultural traditions the story depicts. Nafisa Muhtadi is a fellow member of Writing West Midlands’ Room 204 Writer Development Programme for 2015/2016.

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