Less, but better – a TFW ping 🔔

There’s so much I want to do. I need to focus on fewer things. Do less but better. I want quality but I need to work quickly. Maybe I need to be less fussy. Maybe I need more discipline.

My problem is I have too many creative ideas and don’t know how to prioritise them or keep them under control. Should I keep them under control? I need some kind of structure, surely. If I’m trying to make this a business that works and pays enough to justify the time, I feel like I need some kind of plan

I’ve noticed I can do things so much more quickly than I think I can. I think I need a big chunk of time for things, but I don’t.

I want quality, but need to streamline the process. Be less fussy.

A bit like this post.

Thought. Felt. Wrote.

TFW pings are short, unedited thoughts and notes.

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