No More Heroes Anthology โ€“ Contributor Copies ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Last weekend I received my contributor’s copies of the No More Heroes anthology from NewCon Press. The book is a collection of stories based on the lives of rock and pop artists who died young.

I’m really proud to have a story in this book. Itโ€™s a fine-looking volume, edited by Ian Whates. My story, Fanning the Flames, is based on the life of the Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns. Burns was an eccentric character, and a genuine pop star.

As well as Burns’ life, I drew on many myths and stories from the history of music to write Fanning the Flames: disappearances, allegedly stolen songs, fan obsession, Robert Johnson. It all came together in a story that is, I hope, both entertaining, and some way towards a tribute to Burns.

No More Heroes is available to order from PS Publishing.

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