Mart’s Movie of the Month – Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

When I first heard about this film on The Jonathan Ross Show I was a bit meh. I mean, it’s a romance innit. But Mrs S was keen, so off we went. Now, having seen it this afternoon, I can safely say Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool is everything a movie should be: great story, great script, really great acting, looks great, sounds great. Just… great. And not a dry eye in the house.

So that’s five stars from Mart. And I can tell you that’s as rare as four 10s on Strictly, because I, ladies and gentlemen, am a tough crowd. And not only that, five stars for a romance innit!

Go and catch Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool on the big screen while you can, because it’s a quality piece of British cinema with spectacular performances from all involved. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the official trailer.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 19.20.42.png

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