Mart’s Radio Highlight of the Week (x2) – Tommies, and Home Front

BBC Radio 4’s World War One drama series are back on air this week, with 45-minute episodes of Tommies on both Friday and Saturday, and Home Front returning to the lads and lasses in Tynemouth.

The characters in both series continue to develop as a result of the ongoing conflict. In Tommies, Captain Mickey Bliss is gathering scars both physical and mental, while Home Front sees those back in England wrestling with the ever-present issues of class and gender. Who doesn’t enjoy the assumptions and prejudices of the upper classes being challenged by the fighting spirit and insight of their lower-class counterparts?

There’s some way to go yet, but when this war’s finally over, what’s going to fill the shell holes in the schedule these two dramas leave behind?

Home Front Tommies

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