Mart’s Radio Highlight of the Week: Velvet Blackout by Vincent O’Connell

Vincent O’Connell’s Velvet Blackout, directed by Marc Beeby, is an unusual drama set during World War Two London.

In 1942 a young woman with amnesia is pulled from a bombed building. A doctor and a policeman think she may know something vital to the British war effort – and they use some unorthodox techniques to force her to remember.

Stories work their way out as amnesiac Roxanne (Isabella Inchbald) finds herself at the centre of differences regarding the investigative techniques used to extract the required information, the relationship between Trounce (Ben Crowe) and Edward (Joel MacCormack) taking turns as they enter new territory. I was so engrossed I almost scorched my flapjack. No, really.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.11.34.png

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