Pilgrim repeats on Radio 4 Extra

If you've been here before you'll know how I love my BBC audio drama, particularly Pilgrim by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, starring Paul Hilton as William Palmer "compelled to walk [...] between the worlds of magic and of men". Well, BBC Radio 4 Extra is repeating every episode, giving you the opportunity to listen again or discover for the… Continue reading Pilgrim repeats on Radio 4 Extra

Mart’s Radio Drama Digest – PILGRIM SPECIAL

Pilgrim written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, directed/produced by Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole Of all the tales told on these islands, few are as strange as that of William Palmer. Cursed, apparently, on the road to Canterbury in the spring of 1185 for denying the presence of the other world by the king of the grey… Continue reading Mart’s Radio Drama Digest – PILGRIM SPECIAL