Mart’s Radio Highlight of (last) Week: Home Front, September 15th 1917 – Ivy Layton

If you're not a regular listener to Home Front this may not mean a lot to you, but the burgeoning romance between Ivy Layton and disfigured soldier Dennis Monk has been bubbling for a while. Wonderful writing and acting, and the delicate pacing of this story, made the final lines of this episode a real… Continue reading Mart’s Radio Highlight of (last) Week: Home Front, September 15th 1917 – Ivy Layton

Mart’s Audio Drama Digest, 28 October 2015

Recent BBC radio output that’s really caught my attention, and which is available on iPlayer at the time of writing. Remember, this is just a small sample of the huge variety on offer. Cuttin’ It by Charlene James, directed by Jessica Brown A beautifully written and performed play set in contemporary London, about a longstanding… Continue reading Mart’s Audio Drama Digest, 28 October 2015

Home Front – season 1

Today saw the final episode of season one of Home Front (see previous post). The series has been fantastic – I haven’t missed an episode – and a triumph of storytelling. The writing is of a supremely high quality, and it’s hard to believe each episode crams so much in to just 12 minutes. Even… Continue reading Home Front – season 1

Home Front – WW1 drama from the BBC

This is a brief follow-up to my previous post about my enthusiasm for BBC radio drama, having recently visited the BBC studios at the Mailbox in Birmingham to sit in on a recording session of the BBC’s epic new World War One series, Home Front. This was followed on 31 July by the series’ launch… Continue reading Home Front – WW1 drama from the BBC