Bunnyman, by Will Sergeant

I’ve read a lot of books by and about musical artistes, but this is probably the best. Will Sergeant is the most innovative and influential guitarist of the modern era. The simplicity and sensitivity of his style, coupled with tasteful use of effects, put him head and shoulders above his contemporaries and those who followed. While Johnny Marr was all flash and spotlight, Will Sergeant could give you the tingles with a single note delivered from somewhere in the shadows.

But there’s no detailed breakdown of Sergeant’s gear or the band’s exploits: this is all about his early life, discovery and exploration of music, and becoming part of the Liverpool scene. Even the thinner anecdotes and recollections are carried along by characteristically Liverpudlian humour and candid observation.

Bunnyman is warm, honest, genuine and modest. Like his playing, this memoir has a refreshing lightness of touch and lack of ego. I don’t have many regrets in life, but one is that, as one of the four guitarists to influence my own limited playing most*, I never saw Sergeant or the Bunnymen live. This book goes some way to compensating for that.

* Will Sergeant, BB King, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan

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