Mart’s Radio Drama Digest – 22 February 2016

This is just a selection from the huge variety of superb drama or podcast output available on the BBC iPlayer at the time of writing. Follow the links below to explore further.

written by Claudine Toutoungi, directed by Liz Webb

Worked in a school? Know someone who’s worked in a school? This “black comedy” might strike some chords. Toutoungi also wrote Slipping, which was nominated for Best Original Drama in the 2014 Audio Drama Awards.

August 1914
dramatised by Robin Brooks, directed by Alison Hindell

If you’re missing Home Front, Tommies and BBC One’s War and Peace, this adaptation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s story of the first battle of the Eastern Front in 1914 will give you a fix for a couple of hours. The cast includes Alex Waldmann and Michael Bertenshaw.

Halfway Here
written by Lucy Catherine, directed by Mary Peate

This week’s Drama of the Week download, Halfway Here covers many of the issues faced by teenagers and their parents in the fast-paced internet age in which we live. The above link will take you to part one of the omnibus edition of this 2-part drama.

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