Mart’s Radio Drama Digest – 17 August 2015

Recent BBC drama output that’s really caught my attention, and which is available on iPlayer at the time of writing. Remember, this is just a small sample of the huge variety on offer.

written by Nick Warburton, directed by Peter Kavanagh

A beautifully written and performed play that perfectly demonstrates the power and potential in what I’ve come to learn is a “two-hander”. Real skill and subtlety here. Less is more.

The Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise Show
written by Eddie Braben, produced by John Browell

Classic comedy from Eric and Ernie’s return to radio in 1975. Although by modern standards the material can sometimes sail close to the wind in PC terms and sketches occasionally end abruptly, by and large this hasn’t dated.

The Churchill Barriers
written by Emma Spurgin Hussey, directed by David Hunter

Clerk George and POW Giorgio strike up a touching relationship. A delicately produced drama with subtle background audio and fine dialogue. Loved the scene with the bagpipes.

Arabian Afternoons
A series of plays inspired by stories from the Arabian Nights. The Casper Logue Affair is by Home Front writer Sebastian Baczkiewicz, while the cast of A Dish of Pomegranates (written by Peter Jukes, directed by Mary Peate) includes Home Front actress Keely Beresford.

The Climb
written by Andrea Earl, directed by Pauline Harris

A touching drama in which a particularly determined trio work together to climb Blackpool Tower. Some great vintage audio and a nice touch of humour, too.

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