Mart’s Radio Drama Digest – 21 July 2015

Recent BBC drama output that’s really caught my attention, and which is available on iPlayer at the time of writing.

Air-Force One
by Christopher Lee, directed by Martin Jarvis.
In the immediate aftermath of JFK’s assassination Lyndon B Johnson prepares to be sworn-in as US President.

The Disappearance of Shirley McGill
by Katie Hims, directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Hims further explores issues of identity, disappearance and loss.

Bee Journal
Sean Borodale fuses life in the hive with a contemporary urban setting and human beatbox rhythms in this unusual production.

Home Front, 2 July 1915 – Victor Lumley
by Sarah Daniels, directed by Lucy Collingwood.
A wonderfully written and performed episode that rewarded regular listeners by drawing on the complex storylines of the characters featured.

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