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Whether you’re in a creative drought, uncertain about the future, or would like to change things, we’ll work together through a series of one-to-one consultations to plan a route. Visit the YouTube channel and read the TFW blog posts for insight, exercises, and more.

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“Wow! I’m blown away by your supportive comments. You’ve helped me learn how to develop this personal story.”

– BH, TFW client

What We’ll Do


I’m on a rollercoaster. It’s a whirlwind. I’ve got a mountain to climb. The way you describe your life can offer insights, and help identify where the potential lies. So that’s where we’ll begin.


We’ll work out what you’d like to say, improve or change, and how that might be possible. Stuck in a rut? Lost your voice? Creatively stifled? We’ll work together to find out why, and plan your onward journey.


I’ll guide you in writing – and possibly re-writing – your life. This will help you clarify thoughts, find your voice, and express yourself freely: you can tell the page anything. And it may tell you things in return.


Express your thoughts and feelings to set achievable goals, and find your way towards a positive future. Still feel you’ve got a mountain to climb? Then let’s enjoy the view on the way and have a picnic at the summit.

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All Think Feel Write sessions are confidential. Only basic writing skills are needed: we’ll focus on reflection and self-expression, not spelling and punctuation.
I offer personal one-to-ones, or day workshops for organisations.

Think Feel Write is not intended as a substitute for consultation with healthcare professionals. Each individual’s health concerns should be evaluated by a qualified professional.