I really appreciate the feedback and tips you gave. I have already recommended you on to my supervision group and another group on my cohort.

I would just like to send a massive thank you for the writing tips you gave me on the skills course.  It has made a big difference to my writing.  In fact my grades have gone from 65 to 80!

A heartfelt thank you for a really useful conversation this morning. You’ve helped me get some ideas into focus, and offered new perspectives on things.

Thank you for all your support this semester Martin, I’ve come away with better writing skills and I’ll be starting my MRes in a better position than I would’ve done had I not had your support.

You’re the only one that’s helped me! It’s been brilliant. You’re the only one that’s given me any practical help. You’ve really inspired me to get back on track. You’ve helped me the most. I think I would’ve given up the ghost.

Your help made a difference and I am very impressed with the help that you gave me.

Thank you very much. You’re the only one who’s given me practical tips like this.

Thank you so much Martin, you were immensely helpful.

Thank you for not only helping me so much but also, for believing in me. I wish I could convey to you just how much that means to me.

That was the most real, honest and helpful feedback I’ve ever had.

I can’t thank you enough for the help you provided!

Thanks so much for your help a few months ago. In my first ever PG assignment I just got 18/19 -94% Thank you so very very much 😊🙏

Your feedback on the document is really helpful too, you bring my attention to subtle detail that can improve and lift the writing. It helps me to learn how to develop this personal story.

…you bring my attention to subtle detail that can improve and lift the writing. It helps me to learn how to develop this personal story.

[The workshop] bought up things I didn’t know I would write about – but it was a good time to reflect and write about these topics. Sending my writing to Martin was good too, even about personal topics as he is discrete and helpful in verbalising his reaction to it, emotionally and also the writing style etc. Just what I needed to learn and improve.

Loved it! [the exploration of memoir]. Emotional at times but in a good way. It is useful to look back and see what you observe about the previous ‘you’ and learn about your life through reflection and then convey it to an audience.

I really enjoy Martin’s workshops, he delivers in a thoughtful, engaging way and listens to us as a group. He is so encouraging which is important, always suggesting we take time to write when we can.

It has got me writing again [and] reflecting, discussing wider wellness topics with others and relating to them. [The course] has allowed me to explore my current state of mind.

[The course has] given me time to journal and enjoy it again. I’ve enjoyed the discussions and loved exploring new themes associated with life.

I am sure your courses are very cathartic for participants, you do a great job leading these sessions.