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I feel I can do so much more with Scrivener now.
Pascale Presumey, tutorial participant

(the ending) knocked my socks off, left my jaw gaping… The Affinity Trap coheres on a literary level because, at its core, is a political and psychological novel, always focused and centered on the evolution and/or devolution of Delgado’s loyalties, moral structure, character and essential consciousness. At its heart, this is a novel of character, bouncing around from one level of rigour to another on an external, phenomenological level, but always believable, interesting, and realistic on a psychological level.
Norman Spinrad, Asimov’s

…fast-paced action adventure… fascinating human-alien-human intercourse…
the Guardian

…a stonkingly wonderful, sheer bloody genius ending that most authors wouldn’t even dream of let alone write. Brilliant.
Emerald City

…relentless, engrossing action sequences; likable characters; page-turning quality; vivid imagery… 100% adventure… kick-ass giant scorpions…
SFF Signal

…flavoring the whole of the novel are many themes – gender roles, sexuality roles, and adjustment to the alien. These themes balance very well with the high-octane action scenes. Throughout the novel, Sketchley continues to inject the adrenaline into the series, between breakneck chase scene and the tooth-and-nail fights….
SFF World

…a cinematic sense of scale and action…
Publishers’ Weekly

…the whole book simply zips along…
The Eternal Night

Sketchley has set a solid foundation for what looks to be a rousing conclusion, in The Liberty Gun.

Sketchley knows what he is doing, and he’s starting to do it very well…assured right from the first chapter.
Emerald City

Full of action, intelligence and intrigue, this is powerful stuff from a writer of formidable vision and talent.
Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Club

…this Sketchley stuff looks pretty damn good…
The Agony Column

…action packed…

…exhilarating plot…a dark science fiction thriller…
Alternative Worlds

The Affinity Trap is a great first novel that will appeal both to fans of Richard Morgan’s cyber-noir adventures and lovers of the kind of martial futuristics published in great quantities by Baen Books.

….Sketchley’s solid writing drives this plot-based story…
Publishers’ Weekly

I found myself drawn to the compelling narrative. I was eagerly waiting to see exactly what happened next…. Sketchley is clearly a competent and skilful writer.

…a great combination of shameless entertainment with thought-provoking literature…
The Agony Column Book Reviews and Commentary

…impressive…thrilling… a strong sense of humanity…

Sex with aliens is always tricky, and not just for the obvious reasons… In the best British SF tradition.
the Guardian

…the characters are fresh, feisty and vigourous… plenty of twists and turns before the shock ending. Good, pacy, racy, spacey stuff. Great anti-hero — gripping action and an interesting take on the whole addiction culture.

This spectacular debut superbly combines the suspense and skulduggery of a Tom Clancy thriller, the existentialism of Iain M. Banks and the operatic grandeur of Peter Hamilton.
Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Club

(The Affinity Trap) is swift, sleek space opera, full of incident, exoticism and, indeed, eroticism.
Ian R MacLeod

Sketchley’s realistic portrayal of Kate and his stark descriptions of the alien invasion are both excellent.

(Songbirds is) One of the better stories in the volume…

(Songbirds is) the perfect closing story for an already impressive collection.