Feedback and Reviews

Thank you for not only helping me so much but also for believing in me. I wish I could convey to you just how much that means.

I wanted to thank you for your time, assistance and valuable advice. I can’t thank you enough for the help you provided!

That was the most real, honest and helpful feedback I’ve ever had.

I really enjoyed the tasks Martin set and meeting other people in the group. It felt like a safe and supportive environment.

You’ve really inspired me to get back on track. I think I would’ve given up the ghost.

I feel I can do so much more with Scrivener now. (the ending) knocked my socks off, left my jaw gaping… The Affinity Trap coheres on a literary level because, at its core, is a political and psychological novel, always focused and centered on the evolution and/or devolution of Delgado’s loyalties, moral structure, character and essential consciousness. At its heart, this is a novel of character, bouncing around from one level of rigour to another on an external, phenomenological level, but always believable, interesting, and realistic on a psychological level. Norman Spinrad, Asimov’s …fast-paced action adventure… fascinating human-alien-human intercourse… — the Guardian …a stonkingly wonderful, sheer bloody genius ending that most authors wouldn’t even dream of let alone write. Brilliant. — Emerald City …relentless, engrossing action sequences; likable characters; page-turning quality; vivid imagery… 100% adventure… kick-ass giant scorpions… — SFF Signal …flavoring the whole of the novel are many themes – gender roles, sexuality roles, and adjustment to the alien. These themes balance very well with the high-octane action scenes. Throughout the novel, Sketchley continues to inject the adrenaline into the series, between breakneck chase scene and the tooth-and-nail fights…. — SFF World …a cinematic sense of scale and action… — Publishers’ Weekly …the whole book simply zips along… — The Eternal Night Sketchley has set a solid foundation for what looks to be a rousing conclusion, in The Liberty Gun. — Sketchley knows what he is doing, and he’s starting to do it very well…assured right from the first chapter. — Emerald City Full of action, intelligence and intrigue, this is powerful stuff from a writer of formidable vision and talent. — Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Club …this Sketchley stuff looks pretty damn good… — The Agony Column …action packed… — SFX …exhilarating plot…a dark science fiction thriller… — Alternative Worlds The Affinity Trap is a great first novel that will appeal both to fans of Richard Morgan’s cyber-noir adventures and lovers of the kind of martial futuristics published in great quantities by Baen Books. — SciFidimensions ….Sketchley’s solid writing drives this plot-based story… — Publishers’ Weekly I found myself drawn to the compelling narrative. I was eagerly waiting to see exactly what happened next…. Sketchley is clearly a competent and skilful writer. — SFSignal …a great combination of shameless entertainment with thought-provoking literature… — The Agony Column Book Reviews and Commentary …impressive…thrilling… a strong sense of humanity… — Interzone Sex with aliens is always tricky, and not just for the obvious reasons… In the best British SF tradition. — the Guardian …the characters are fresh, feisty and vigourous… plenty of twists and turns before the shock ending. Good, pacy, racy, spacey stuff. Great anti-hero — gripping action and an interesting take on the whole addiction culture. — Dreamwatch This spectacular debut superbly combines the suspense and skulduggery of a Tom Clancy thriller, the existentialism of Iain M. Banks and the operatic grandeur of Peter Hamilton. — Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Club (The Affinity Trap) is swift, sleek space opera, full of incident, exoticism and, indeed, eroticism. — Ian R MacLeod Sketchley’s realistic portrayal of Kate and his stark descriptions of the alien invasion are both excellent. — (Songbirds is) One of the better stories in the volume… — (Songbirds is) the perfect closing story for an already impressive collection. —Vector