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I’ve discovered the Zettelkasten note-keeping technique. Zettelkasten translates from German as “slips box”, the slips being notes taken on small pieces of paper, which are then linked by unique identifiers, and cross-referenced. The key to this system is collecting notes from various sources – books, podcasts, things people say, your own observations and thoughts – then rewriting those notes in your own words, and identifying relationships between them. I’ve only been at this a short time, but can already see the benefits for creative development. It’s fascinating.


I’m now publishing on Medium. This is a great platform offering a ton of quality writing. You can read three articles free each month, or it’s just $5/month or $50/year for an unlimited amount – half the price of an Apple News subscription. I think it’s great, and highly recommend it. If you take a look and like what I’ve written, click the Follow button.

One-to-ones in professional writing

I’m now offering confidential one-to-ones to help you hone your professional or academic writing. Click here for more information.

New Article for Collected

My article for the RLF’s Collected on Clean Language – What Would You Like to Have Happen? – is now live.

Fanning the Flames

The No More Heroes anthology from PS Publishing, which includes my story Fanning the Flames, an alternate history based on the life of Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns, is now available for pre-order.

I’ve now launched Think. Feel. Write.!

This has been inspired by my personal experiences of the therapeutic benefits of writing, and my work with the Royal Literary Fund, both as a Fellow and as part of the Social Sector Projects initiative.

Studies show that expressive or reflective writing can help us find direction, reduce stress, and have both short- and long-term health benefits. You can subscribe to site updates, read articles, try some exercises, and there’s a TFW Twitter profile. Please share with anyone you feel might be interested.

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