The Now Page ⚠️

Things I’m working on right now!

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Creativity and Journaling Course ⚡️

I’m developing an online course in creativity and journaling. Click here to be kept up to date and receive an early-bird discount.

New book! 📕

I seem to be working on a new book: a look at mid-life with insight and humour. Click here to be kept up to date.

Medium 📄

I’m now publishing on Medium. This is a great platform offering masses of high quality material from writers all around the world. You can read three articles free each month, or it’s just $5/month or $50/year for an unlimited amount – half the price of an Apple News subscription. I think it’s great, and highly recommend it.

Fanning the Flames 🔥

The No More Heroes anthology from PS Publishing, which includes my story Fanning the Flames, an alternate history based on the life of Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns, is now available.