Whether you’re looking to gain an advantage during this period of economic and political turmoil, acquire a unique voice, learn how to communicate effectively to save both time and money, or seek a creative writing guest speaker or tutor, I can help.

My services include:

  • Writing: bespoke, creative, in a tone of voice unique to you
  • Consultancy on effective written communications
  • Consolidation of existing assets, increasing readability, addressing redundancy
  • Localisation of writing by non-native English speakers into strong British English
  • Tutorials and talks on creative writing and use of Scrivener
  • Analysis of research into concise reports
  • Markdown: writing or conversion of existing material into Markdown format for export to Word, PDF, HTML
  • Script and speech writing

As well as local companies and individuals, I’m also interested in working with those outside the UK. Get in touch to take advantage of my skills and experience.