As far as I’m concerned these two devices allow me to do exactly the same thing: write. They’re both portable, admittedly one more so than the other, yet they couldn’t be more different.

One cost me around a thousand pounds, the other fifty. One of them is less than a year old and will probably last me five or six years if I’m lucky. It kinda does the job, but I don’t particularly enjoy it, because the keyboard’s shite and it secretes my words away somewhere within its glass and metal shell, as if they are somehow its property rather than mine. The other is around 60 years old, and if used and not abused will probably last as long again. The keyboard’s fantastic, and it’s a joy to use. There’s even a bell. In return for my efforts the machine gives me sheets of paper with words printed upon them. Words I can annotate, cross out, cut up and paste if necessary. It’s always necessary.

One of them needs electricity to work, and required huge amounts of power to smelt its pretty carcass, and extract the raw materials used in its components. The other needed some energy in its production, but has since enabled years of green creativity. One I’ll leave as an heirloom; the other will have no sentimental value. One is laden with distractions and promises, the other gives out only what you put in. Warts and all.

If you asked me to choose between them, I wouldn’t even have to think about it.

The journey…




1 thought on “Progress?”

  1. Martin, it’s funny how much I personally take the £1,000 option for granted in my ambition of trying to create and exist in my own paperless world. Yet I still hang on to the comfort blanket of my trusty little note book and pen !! Mind you that’s mainly driven by the impact of age, and drink, on my head that has always struggled to retain any kind of information so is substituted by endless notes and lists of things to do.
    It’s nice to have an insight into how your work progresses and develops. I guess that is how you always do this stuff?
    But as ever, the words you put down and build brings with them a smile on my face
    Cheers Bud !! (why do I use double exclamation marks ?? and question marks !! damn did it again )

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